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What does each awareness ribbon represent? Different colours for different causes, voicing out!!!

It turns out the first awareness ribbon was handed out to represent meaningful objects in history as tokens given to knights during the Middle Ages in Europe. It is during the English Civil War of 1642 to 1651, the Puritan Army wore yellow ribbons and sashes to battle. It is from this imagery that a song, “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” which is rumoured to have been brought to America by early English settlers was inspired. (Source: Wikipedia 😅😂)

Today we see them on shirts or lapels, as pins on backpacks, as bumper stickers or fridge magnets. In most ways, we still fight wars within this civilised world, it is here we have to show support to all the minorities around us, together we stand strong. We live in a time where we can voice out our opinions & thoughts, where Inclusivity is a stronghold.

We as a community allocate particular days of the year to commemorate and celebrate causes. To spread awareness and to symbolise these individual causes we wear ribbons of different colours with pride.

Here is an article I came across, it is by Alyssa Mertes, give it a scroll and let me know what you think down below👇️

What Does That Awareness Ribbon Mean? Link:


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