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Iso-fun: Being alone can be enjoyable

BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭
edited 18. May 2022 in Sports & Leisure

At a recently held Twitter discussion, one of the participants suggested having a platform for PWDs to date and avoid the disappointments and heartbreaks that come with the first one on one visits. The idea is not new as I came to find out later that there are dating sites for PWDs just that they are not yet popular enough to be known by people like us in Kenya. What is popular though is the idea of online dating but with new online physical features in what is called the metaverse. Metaverse seem to be the most ideal solution to online dating with a disability since in the metaverse, one can assume a new 'body' known as an avatar, just like most religions say one assumes a new form in the afterlife after death. With the avatar you can make your own online physical body of sorts an upgrade from just having a picture with your name what we call a profile picture in the current social media sites.

Obviously, no one will make an avatar showing a disability which makes the playing field even. This means that disability is not a factor in this new world made possible by technology. Disability in this 'new world' will only be left to communities made up of members of common interest, meaning one could hide it entirely from the relationship unless you meet physically without technology because technology would help you hide the disability using the avatar.

If dating in the metaverse is not your thing, you could choose to do business in the platform and make money out of it. Data is becoming the new oil due to the digitization of items from reality. So much so that people are buying real estate in the metaverse in addition to musicians having concerts online. Sony and Manchester City just made a football stadia in the metaverse, becoming the first football club to have a stadium in the virtual world. This should explain to you why big technology companies are going into internet connectivity and cloud business since that is where the fun is. It should be no wonder that even electricity companies want to start offering internet connectivity in addition to power.

Being alone is never fun but with the advancement of technology, people will become more and more isolated. As someone with a disability, technology has made me enjoy my own company and meet with people far away from me. It can only get better with technological advancements, from living in smart houses to spending your day in a virtual world without moving from my seat in the house. The big question is, will people love the person we are in the real world or our metaverse version? Can one version be used to influence the other? Can I use my metaverse version to influence reality or reality will influence the metaverse version? Or will people just learn to switch between the two just like actors do? The virtual world is sometimes our artificial heaven on earth and its captivating to say the least.

What would be your preference in the metaverse? Dating, business or just leisure? The choice is yours.


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