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Hello fam! Thank you for stopping by to read this.

I hope that you are all well. If that's not it, you should know its very ok not be ok!

I couldn't believe that time is running so fast and we are 43 days into the great 2022! And Weekend is here! Weekends, for a long time have been known to be chilled and relaxing and peaceful. Different people from individuals to pairs to groups indulge in some sort of activities. For most professional it calls for half day operations at work but for others its a good time to work fulltime in order to serve a great populations that spends time in outdoor activities. Restaurants get busy and traffic is smooth in most countries. children jumping up and down and women meet in salons for quality gossips as men grab their beers watching their favorite sports. As others have celebrations of live(giving a befitting send offs to loved ones) ,others takes vows in joint commitment to share a life together. For the generation z, its always just blazing fire. It feels good to be young but wise to be old! Huh!

With a lot that is planned to happen for the short two days , I always have no specific thing or event . What I mean is that, last Saturday I was visiting a friend in a hospital and on Sunday I cheered Egypt as they Lost to Senegal in the Afcon Championships late night for I just had a good time with brethren that morning .

This weekend is just amazing! February a month of love. Am waiting to receive love and give it more to special people . I will be watching some late night movie "The Come Back of The Titanic" with a group of friends as we warm ourselves with some bonfire . I have already ordered a bouquet of red rosses to gift my soul. I hope she likes them. I prefer to spend my other time with another group for street children as we spread love.

How are you going to spend your weekend?

Share with us too!

I wish you a loving season and thank you for being part of EnableMe Community.



  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭

    Mimi nangoja watangaze bei ya mafuta hiyo Monday #manifesting acar2022 😄 🤣

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