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Taxation is one of the 'double edged sword' that governments and other organisations have to deal with. It is one of two sure things in human existence alongside death. On one hand, taxation has made people and organisations rich due to tax exemption, eg charity organisations, and taxation has also been blamed for high levels of poverty and shrinking economy since there's no money to invest due to overtaxation which takes away the little income people remain with after paying all the necessary bills.

In 2016 during the Budget presentation in Parliament that year, the Government of Kenya promised lower taxes to companies that would over job opportunities to the youth as one of the ways to tackle youth unemployment in the country. The resultant effect was that many recruitment drives were started in form of training programmes for the youth for companies to get reduced taxation. There has been no assessment update for the tax reduction initiative bur the culture of training programmes for the youth has caught on especially in areas thought to be 'male dominated' in a bid to encourage more women uptake in these areas of the economy, more so in the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) areas of the economy.

Further afield, former US President Donald Trump in a bid to encourage companies to create more opportunities for the people, reduced corporate tax for the companies and put the tax burden on the workers who would be recruited by these companies.

In China, there is a form of payment that is done to the Government from companies that do not offer job opportunities to people with disabilities. The money collected from this fund is used to take care of PWDs that are deemed unfit for employment. While in Kenya there's the legal recommendation that 5% of all public positions should go to PWDs, the implementation of the directive has been slow and the process seen to be of little interest to those charged with making sure the directive is adhered to..

Should companies that do not hire people with disabilities be made to pay more taxes as a way to speed up training and hiring of more people with disabilities In Kenya?

What would be the effects of such a decision if it was to be implemented in the country?

Let me hear your opinions

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  • MikkiTarzMikkiTarz ke ✭
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    You've left us with many great things to think on. Very informative, I didn't even know that there were countries like China taking steps like those..


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