Voting for the Disability Community

Participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in political and public life is a human right as well as an important factor that promotes social inclusive development. When PWDs participate in political and public life their voice is heard and reflected in policy decisions. 

Despite the significant numbers of PWDs in Kenya, research suggests that PWDs continue to experience systemic exclusion from mainstream governance and developmental processes. This exclusion has been particularly acute in the areas of political representation in elective and appointed positions, with limited efforts by political parties to provide a conducive environment for PWDs to engage in politics. There is need to address the persistent gap within Kenya’s political culture led and perpetuated by political parties

while strengthening direct engagement between political parties and civil society.

Programme whose purpose is to address the critical knowledge gaps within political

parties to create and promote more inclusive political discourse, political commitments

and public policymaking are needed.

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    @COLLINS @BERNARD We need a lot of advocacy here!

  • BKiwuBKiwu ✭✭
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    In Kenya and other African countries, most politicians suffer from messianic complex and the big man mentality. Big man mentality means things work at the whims of whoever is in authority. If the big man says no, nothing goes on. If the big man says yes, then he's seen as the saviour and that's where Messianic complex comes in.

    For the small number of PWDs in politics, it is as a result of those at the top being comfortable with the status quo. If the few pwd politicians advocated for more of their colleagues frequently, we would have been far. Same case has been seen with women representation. As a result of their agitation, more women are taking up more political seats and are becoming movers and shakers in the political spaces. The nominated PWD politicians should agitate for more spaces for PWDs by creating an enabling environment for pwds to compete in politics and decision making. These include protection from any kind of harm from those that do not agree with them and more appointments in higher offices like the CS positions. This would serve as a motivation to other PWDs to join in political matters.

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