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Disability And Acting

I was watching some programme and this came to my mind. What suggestions do you have for someone who wishes to increase the opportunities for disabled actors on stage performing live for audiences? Also, what barriers to these opportunities are the most difficult to overcome?

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  • KingndedaKingndeda ke ✭✭✭
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    curious to get ideas! @kerry @CerebralPalsiedMARIA @SarahBosibori lets gather here! @COLLINS any insights

  • NgureDenisNgureDenis ke ✭✭
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    This is a new take, especially in Kenya. We acknowledge the strides inclusivity has taken particularly in onscreen acting. Attitudinal barriers are being overcome. This is a step at a time journey.

    It's time to pioneer on stage!

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    I remember awhile back last year when my friend inquired, whether they are any people with different abilities in the creative industry in Kenya. I was puzzled cause i could not think of any person I know who is in acting or performing arts or sculpting - i bet they are there and we just need to find them.

    Thinking about our society and education system, people with disabilities are not necessarily exposed to the full blown creative arts world, they don't grow up with it, they don't have it instill as an interest. it starts there - are we teaching children with disabilities about creative arts? As a profession they can pursue professionally ( and not the common beading and mat making - something they can equally offer to the global market.

  • mpofunamba1mpofunamba1 ke
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    individual and corporate organizations should stop using the tag that artist with disabilities are not available. what am aware about myself and other artists with disabilities is that organization especially service providers in the disability sector love free services from us. that's why you will not see some of us who know that we also deserve to be paid us artists and also we are available its jus you haven't looked for us. as far as I know I know many know me as Mpofunamba1 with great art of music and disability advocacy and you can't offer gigs because I have refused free services. as an artist I know we are many lets focus on promotion, marketing and empowering artist with disabilities. ask me and I will show actors, musicians designers etc

  • BKiwuBKiwu ke ✭✭✭✭
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    From the way I see it, disability matters are yet to be taken seriously by mainstream entertainment platforms simply because of the sympathy view of disability. Again, people still view pwds as people who can't perform in some careers. There was a time I asked my friend doing media studies about me being an actor and he said no because I don't know camera angles. And I realised this mentality is only in Kenya because international media organisations even have presenters with disabilities but in Kenya only KBC has tried with a 30 minutes reality show for pwds. We have a long way to go.

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