Phantom pain tablets, but which ones???

Hello, mainly to all amputees

Since we are having a lot of weather changes at the moment, I am having more phantom pains.

At the end of the residual limb, where the nerve endings are located, I feel a pull down towards my feet, but since the feet are no longer there, this nerve pain is almost unbearable.

I had an accident in 1993,in which I broke my spine twice. Because of this, I take Tramaldor100 twice a day. According to my doctor, it should also help against phantom pain. Maybe you have had experience with other medicines. I hope you have some.

I hope you can give me some tips, because I don't want to take tablets all the time, which will probably get stronger and stronger. Or are there special medicines for phantom pains?

Thank you for your help

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  • Response 1:

    i have telepathic powers 😃 no, I'm joking! i had just been thinking about opening a thread on the same topic for a while, but hadn't got round to pulling the trigger yet. so, i have phantom complaints EVERY damn day 😡

    but for me it's not so much pain, sometimes it shoots into my foot and toes, but otherwise it's more like restless legs, my stump twitches and jerks uncontrollably, so that i can't rest in the evening on the sofa and especially in bed (and neither can my partner). I take a medicine called "lyrica", but because of my kidneys I am only allowed to take a (too) small dose. the active ingredient is pregabalin and is used for neuropathic pain, epilepsy and generalised anxiety disorder (according to the leaflet). a similar drug is "gabapentin". I also take "restex", the active ingredient is levodopa. this is a medication for restless legs. pure painkillers are not expected to do anything and have not done anything for me either. I can't say how it is with morphines. Otherwise, my surgeon said that psychopharmaceuticals would be necessary, but I didn't want that yet, so I'm not sure about them. Then vitamin B (12 - I think) is supposed to help, but I haven't had any experience with that yet. Wrapping myself in tin foil didn't help either.

    I have a compression stocking with silver threads in it, which makes it easier, but only if I wear it during the day or in the afternoon anyway. putting it on when the symptoms are bad drives me crazy. don't laugh!!! i'm getting to grips now with the subject of healing stones 😺 I have a rose quartz that I put in my compression stocking from time to time and under my bed sheets at night. well... sometimes i found it helped, but not always. so, that's it from me for now - maybe there's something there for you?

    many greetings

    Response 2:

    I had also tried Tramaldor but had such severe nausea every day and the phantom pains too, so nothing helped at all. I have also tried Lyrica, Gabapentin, Oxygesic, Dipidolor each for months. nothing helped, just nausea and dependency and when I stopped I got strong withdrawal symptoms and therefore left all tablets and never touched them again for 2 years. I am very grateful to God that I no longer have to take this stuff. Still have phatomic pain every day: Furthermore, I have tried the following:

    Healing stones

    Homeopathic remedies

    autogenic training

    magnetic field therapy


    Operations (cutting of nerves)

    Tens device

    Relax Night Care stocking

    Psychotropic seratonin in combination with painkillers

    vitamin b 12

    Visit to non-medical practitioner


    mirror therapy

    All of the above has had no effect. It cost me a lot of money because the health insurance does not cover many of these things. If I think of anything else I will write!

    One thing that gives me strength is my faith in Jesus Christ and an almighty God. When I read my Bible and get on my knees in prayer it calms me down and gives me such a peace and quiet so that I am no longer searching and trying things out as mentioned above.

    Please be careful there is a lot of rubbish on offer such as these healing stones etc... and I speak from experience as I have tried many things as mentioned above and not and have spent thousands on some therapies that promised to help against phantom pains but we have to face the fact that there is no known working remedy for this kind of pain!

    Kind regards

    Response 3:


    The dietary supplement astaxanthin helped me a lot with the phantom pains. I have tried many things myself, but I heard about this from a fellow sufferer, tried it and it really helped, the pain was much better.

    I am currently taking astaxanthin from the brand "pure". 3x1 a day, it's not chea, but it helps a lot. There are also cheaper alternatives, but you have to be careful that they are not synthetically produced. Try it, it worked wonders for me,

    With kind regards

    The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.