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Strengthening the stump

Good morning, I am a left thigh amputee about 10 cm above the knee. I would like to have effective strength training exercises to train the remaining muscles. Is there any literature?

The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.


  • Response 1:

    Small simple exercises. Several times a day to get fit for the prosthesis.

    The muscle balance is disturbed by the amputation. In order to stand stably on the prosthesis, muscles have to be trained that were previously of secondary importance.

    1. training of the adductors. These are the muscles that guide the leg inwards: Knot the therapy band into a loop or use a Deusser band. A bicycle tyre tube will also do. Hook it into the door handle and place it about arm's length away from the door. Guide the stump inwards against the resistance of the rubber band. Select the tension so that you can do 15..20 repetitions. Then take a short break and repeat in 3 blocks.

    2. strengthen the hip extensors. Lie on the back. Place a roll of towel under the stump so that you can lean on it. Hold the upper leg vertically and the lower leg horizontally in the air. This strengthens the abdominal muscles at the same time. Then lift the buttocks so that you are only lying on the shoulder blades and the roller. Hold for 5 seconds, lay down and immediately lift up again for 5 seconds. The leg remains up. After 15 repetitions take a short break. 3 blocks. If too easy, increase time in the air and place a beer crate on stomach.

    3. stretch hip flexors. You need a helper for this. Place on a table bench or landing. Leg in position as in exercise 2. The helper holds the stump and you push the helper up with the stump. The assistant does not move out of the way. After 5..10 seconds release the tension and the assistant pushes the stump slowly and continuously downwards to stretch the muscles. If the tension becomes too great, the helper does not continue to press, but remains in the position. Now try to lift the helper again and push against it with all your strength. After about 5-10 seconds you let up again and the helper stretches downwards. Do this 5 times.

    4. standing leg training: Stand in front of a staircase. The hand on the prosthesis side grips the railing, the other hand is free. Stand on the prosthesis and put the foot on the first step and take it down again. 3 x 15 times. Increase: hold the foot over the step and let it hover there. Increase further: hold with finger only. And at the end without holding on at all. Increase the duration of the hovering. 5.

    Use the crutch as a stick on the opposite side as long as you do not have the strength to stand free-handed on the prosthesis. Use the crutch the wrong way round, like a walking stick. In between, try to take a step without the cane, then 2,...

    Have fun trying it out. Maybe someone else has some ideas.

    The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.

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