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"Cerebral palsy diagnosis - what to do??? "

Hello to all! I am desperate. We have recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy for our young son. Shock! We don't know what we can do....... Maybe some of you know some good advice. Thank you!

The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.


  • Response 1:

    I have a mild cerebral motor disorder myself. In my experience, early physiotherapy, swimming or riding therapy (equine therapy) and occupational therapy makes sense. But of course voluntary and fun. Maybe a relatives' discussion group for you, if there is something in your area.

    There is a way for everything. Take small steps. All love

    Response 2:

    Of course, the diagnosis is a shock for you, your husband and all those who are concerned about your son. I wish you all a lot of strength and stamina for the next time and the coming years!

    You know, I have spasticity with cerebral palsy. The biggest problem for me was that I was already two years old before a reliable diagnosis could finally be made.

    Especially in infancy, you can achieve a lot with targeted treatment!

    The most important thing is to find a practice that offers Bobath therapy for babies. This is the best of all possible forms of therapy for this type of disability! Bobath' focuses on the patient, i.e. your lovely baby. It is carefully considered which movement sequences are important now and in the current situation.

    For example, if he is not yet able to turn from his back to his belly on the floor, but his developmental level is such that it would be a good idea to practise this until it is possible. In contrast to the 'Vojta' method, there is no 'pressure' at all with 'Bobath' to achieve this goal!

    Response 3:

    It is always terrible to find out that your child is sick or has a disability. It is a real blow! It has already been mentioned that cerebral palsy has different forms. You have received very good tips from various users. What I am wondering now, are the therapies for your son? What form of cerebral palsy does your son have?

    If your doctor doesn't tell you and explain it to you, then see another doctor. If I'm not mistaken, this has been mentioned before. But, so what. If you don't get proper and meaningful answers from your doctor, then change him. The doctor will inform you of all the appropriate therapies. I wish you and your family all the best, strong nerves and not everything that is good for a person is also good for your son! I am 53 years old and have been treated with this 'Bobath' method virtually through my entire life and I am still being treated with this method.

    I wish you the very best and the best possible success for your 'little darling'!

    The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.

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