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is it only because of an iron deficiency that i feel so extremely bad? or what could it be?

hi guys i was even in the emergency room yesterday! They even managed to take my blood.

I had a full blood count, an ECG and an ultrasound of my heart and abdomen, as well as a cardiac echo. Oxygen saturation, blood pressure and pulse were also measured... Heart and lungs were also listened to. I was also palpated and tapped.


Oxygen saturation 100%

Blood pressure 110 to 80 pulse 80

ECG inconspicuous

Ultrasound heart normal

echo examination heart normal

abdominal ultrasound normal

palpation and palpation normal

mineral values good general blood values good

no fever. Slightly increased inflammation values in the blood.

iron deficiency value over 11

vitamin b12 deficiency don't know the value

hypothyroidism borderline area in need of treatment.

I have been taking vitamin B12 tablets and the prescription iron tablets for the past few years. my thyroid is set for treatment . but it is still borderline in the normal range. I am miserable... I'm hungry and can't eat much, I have a headache and feel dizzy and sick, I have diarrhoea and I sweat a lot with the slightest exertion and strain. I am weak and don't even have the strength for my everyday life or household chores. dizziness with headache when moving. nausea again and again without vomiting but increased belching. I've had the feeling of getting a fever for a few days now, but I don't have one.

My family doctor and the emergency room don't know why I feel so bad. I have felt like this before but my condition was really bad then I had to stay in hospital and get intravenous iron. the iron was so bad then but now the iron is in a range where it can be treated with the tablets.

I'm waiting to see if I get sick again... i was sick 4 weeks ago and then one week after i was sick i was sick again. first a gripal infection then a middle ear infection. I'm scaring half the house here because I look like a zombie and can hardly stand on my feet. I drink a lot and eat what I can when I'm hungry. I sleep well at night but I'm so tired all the time. does anyone have any advice?

thank you

I don't want to be a miracle but I could feel a little better soon. I've been struggling for 4 weeks and I don't feel any better. The doctors in the emergency room said that the inflammation in my blood was caused by the illness I had, but they don't know if there is anything new in the system. My breathing is good, everything else is good, but I still look bad and feel awful. I was cold yesterday morning and the night before too. chills in between i am warm as well as increased temperature then i am normal warm again. I'm going crazy...

The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.


  • Response 1:


    If you were around 50 years old, I would guess the menopause. If you drink a lot but eat little, diarrhoea is normal, at least for me. Do you get a gastrointestinal virus? Do you have an unrecognised food allergy or I don't know what else? I wish you a speedy recovery and a nice sunny weekend.

    Response 2:

    Most of the symptoms you listed above are consistent with iron deficiency. But the nausea could be from taking the iron supplement. It is usually recommended to take it in the morning before breakfast. But not everyone's stomach tolerates this. If this is the case for you, try taking your iron supplement in the evening, after your last meal. If you take it on an empty stomach, your body can absorb the iron better, but if you feel sick all day, that's not very nice either 😉 You can take it in the morning, before breakfast.

    The posts from this dummy user come from real users from the German-speaking community throughout the 15 year-long exchange on the forum.

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