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How do engineers fit into the financial scene? What are some of the skills that an engineer can get?

I'm currently a 3rd year student at Kenyatta University pursuing a Bsc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I am curious about the role of an engineer in the banking industry. How do we as engineers fit in the financial scene?

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  • MatthijsMatthijs ch ✭✭
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    Hi Sophia,

    I like your question!

    I am a civil engineer, but I haven't worked in engineering for 20 years. Instead I chose to work for a development organization, so more the social sector.

    I think as an engineer you will have valuable skills that you could apply in the banking sector, and also in other industries.

    Just to mention a few:

    • You have learned to design in a systematic way. You can apply this beyond electronics. For example: design processes, design new banking systems, optimisation of systems etc
    • You will probably have learned IT and programming skills. You could also decide to develop that further. That is a skill that is highly needed in banks.
    • Many engineers develop into a more managerial role. I would only do it if it suits you and if you like it. If you decide to go in this direction, then your technical background will help you create the bridge between technical persons in an organization (including IT staff) and the strategic and management level.

    @sophia_musa I hope that this helps you to develop a vision for your own future.

    All the best!



  • Welcome Sophia. Great question. Looking forward to hear from the experts on this.

  • Engineering is a noble profession. Wishing you all the best in your discovery journey!

  • @Matthijs Thank you for the insightful response😊.

    I'll explore further your suggestions as well as have a more global view of engineering as a profession.

  • Hi @sophia_musa ,

    I am also an electrical engineer and working experience more than 19 y in the maintenance and I think we can easily fit into finance if we can get proper little training as last 7 years I was working in procurement and it comes little bit under finance like budget,inventory, planning etc which indirectly related to organization financial performance and yes I can easily accommodate myself and even doing better than plant maintenance. Being a engineering background yes we have some challenges to understand complex financial things but we can cooperate with finance guys and learn it. Wish you all the best.

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