Celebrating the World Cerebral Palsy Day.

Hello great people,

I hope you are all doing fine and keeping safe wherever you are. Allow me to share a post by a mother of a child with cerebral palsy celebrating her daughter's developmental milestones of this World Cerebral Palsy Day. CONSENT GIVEN, I REPORT HER WORDS BELOW;

Dear daughter,

I am proud writing this letter to you, from my heart to your heart. You are the first of the rest and obviously the best. Whenever I look in your eyes I see the brightness of the darkness and hope of each new day. Your smile and laughter are a joy to my soul, I could never resist that charming face. Your words are like medicine to my soul, you sound sweet and hum beautifully like the early morning bird that sung when I first held you on my hand. How proud could I be if not by your side.

You may not read this words now, but I know you feel each one of it. And I always pray, like I do and will always do; that God may protect you, strengthen you, may He allow you reach your full potential, so that you may know your abilities, capabilities and to exhaust full capacity of your talents. My love, the world is cruel, don't take it for a duel; I will be by your side, beside you, with you and will walk this journey along with you. You are never alone. We are an army of two with your siblings as our strongholds and your dad as our protector.

And so on this day, my little darling, between love and many I still choose you. You are my rose among the thorns and I will be the hands that holds you always before you fall. This promise I make to you, I will always love you, the endless love of a mother to her daughter. Cheers Nyaugenya



  • Wait! That message is so encouraging and purely out of love! #HappyCelebralPalsyDay

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