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The voter registration process is on and there is a call for every Kenyan citizen who is not registered to show up and register to shape our future. The process is going to run from 4th october-2nd November 2021.

Kenya is signatory and State Party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD); which in Article 29 on ‘Participation in political and public life obligates State Parties to facilitate participation of Persons with Disabilities in political and public life.

Do you think that IEBC has done enough to ensure full participation of persons with disabilities in this voter registration process? some of the issues you may want to know as we prepare for 2022 General Elections are if IEBC has made the electoral process accessible to persons with disabilities especially in regards to:

1: Physical access to polling stations and polling booths

 2: Balloting materials

3:  Access to civic and voter education

4: Use of Assisted Voting for persons with visual impairments and intellectually impaired.


  • @COLLINS Any insights

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    Hi Edwin,

    On Saturday 9th October Nairobi Disability Caucus, the largest group of disability and human rights organizations that came together in 2019 to undertake advocacy around shared priorities in conjunction with County Assemblies Disability Caucus (CADICA) a caucus of legislators with disability in the county assembly released a press conference addressed to IEBC to consider additional time duration for voter registration to accommodate voters with disability who might no be reached in the time given. I hereby attach the presser.

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  • Very impressive work from the advocacy team . #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

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