A Suicide Prevention Twitter Chat: September 30, 2021 6pm-7pm EAT

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Dear Community,

in light of Suicide Prevention month, @Faith_EnableMe and @UDPK are collaborating to host a live discussion on how to prevent suicide with you on Twitter, tomorrow at 6pm until 7pm East African Time!

Here is the link to the event post on EnableMe: https://community.enableme.org/en/event/10-a-suicide-prevention-twitter-chat.

Hope to see you there and discuss with you!


  • Thanks Emma,

    All are welcome to join the conversation using the #EndSuicide and #disabled&suicidal

  • Looking forward to learn

  • There is a correlation between Disability and suicide, Persons with disabilities often experience stigma and discrimination. This may lead to depression. Depression and isolation make persons with disabilities vulnerable to suicidal thoughts and behaviour. What steps could we take in our individual capacity to ensure that we prevent suicide for everyone including persons with disabilities?

    For Barrier-free and Inclusive Society

  • @UDPK I try checking on close friends and family members to ask how they have been. What made them happy over the week and what made them sad.

    By doing these, someone might ask for help especially on instances they have has challenges. It works!

  • @UDPK there is need to keep checking on friends and how they might be fairing on. It is not difficult to note one with challenges by frequent interaction. This can help save a life and avoid suicidal thoughts.

  • The most beautiful rocks are those that have weathered the storm

  • "Well, I realised this while in high school. Having a background with childhood trauma I had a problem with self esteem issues, mood problems and self-harm behaviours and self hate, doubts and these built up to an extent that I started developing hopelessness". Says Brian Emmanuel Maina

  • cont. I attempted suicide for the first time in 3rd form. And that still did not bring the realization and weight of the fact that I was suicidal. Flashforward to 2015, just a month or two before joining art school. I had attempted yet another time after several others..

  • Cont. So I opened up to a close friend of mine since I realised something was not right. The pattern was evident and it was getting worse. so she referred me to a friend psychologist of mine who helped me understand that I was suicidal and needed professional help.

  • Cont. Speaking up is what helped me realize I had this mental health problem, and with further help I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 disorder that is closely related or crops from long periods of depresssion.

  • The main stressors/ triggers were the underlying issues. In my case, unresolved or unaddressed issues like as I mentioned, traumas. at school, it was bullying... in my later years it was anxiety of life. And also the mental illness which is a mood disorder .

    Says Brian Emmanuel Maina

  • quick interventions helps in resolving suicidal ideation. It is ok to seek support from people but its correctly advised to seek it from a professional.

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