How can we include youth with in disabilities in the group we support in various international sport

How can we include Youth with disabilities from the group we support in various international sports


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  • That's a nice question. Am also interested to know especially how they can join the paralympics.

  • I think we need first to understand the programmes and activities that are available from the Government respective department, such that they be connected with any existing sporting activity or Organization in their respective geographical area, also if we know of any Organization supporting the same initiative, then we can refer.

  • Youth with disabilities need to be exposed to sports from an early age so as to gain expertise. Building their capacity will make them suitable to participate in high level international sports.

  • By creating a communication platform between the ministries given the mandate ie ministry of sports. So that everyone under the category of PWDs gets equal opportunities.

  • The just ended Paralympic games has shown the world a lot of possibilities and talents that individuals with disabilities portray. We need to empower them to realize their dreams

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