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The world has became a global village, which has been necessitated by the wide use of technology; and the call LEAVE NO ONE BEHING has been embraced by many if not all; but the question is- why do we still witness many employers not living to the call? to understand some of the reasons behind this, please visit the article by clicking this link.

Again, what do you think is needed to be done to enhance Employers to embrace inclusion?


  • Great insights!

  • Inform employers of the benefits for example.

    If an employer can prove that he/she has adjusted their work environment to suit persons with disabilities and they can quantify the figures, they are allowed to apply to Kenya Revenue Authority and be exempted from tax equivalent to the expenses they have incurred.

  • verogakioverogakio ke ✭✭✭

    The business case for hiring people with disability is strong. There are real cost savings through reduced staff turnover and lower recruitment and retraining costs. What’s more, because people with disability have fewer compensation incidents and accidents at work, compared to other employees, insurance cover and workers’ compensation costs are often lower.

    Employing people with disability can also ensure that your team best reflects the community in which it operates. Like all employees, people with disability bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace. They work in all sorts of jobs, with many holding tertiary or trade qualifications. @AudaciousCoachRichie what's your take on this matter?

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