what is our biggest challenge?

Hello community members, i hope everyone's doing ok and taking care. I'm glad to be back here after a long break and am glad to see the fire is still burning.

With that out of the way, i would like to ask a very sensitive question. With the country nearing it's polls next year and all this talk of bottom up and what not, what do persons with disabilities want? what's our biggest challenge that we want solved in the upcoming polls?

I would really like to hear from you and discuss further.


  • I think the challenge I foresee is in regard to access to voting materials by persons with visual and intellectual impairments.

  • @steverarvey Good to see you back ! A huge challenge will be during the community sensitization of how the process is done. I don't know if the IEBC will consider doing the forums physically on accessible locations to accommodate everyone. Another concern will be during the presidential debates(which has been there in the previous elections),will PWD get a chance to participate and ask all those controversial questions to the presidential candidates?

    Policy drivers @BERNARD @COLLINS , what are your concerns

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