Do relationships between a non-disabled person and disabled person work?

Just curious about this. What has been your experience?


  • @Faith_EnableMe yes! its really good if you put it clear of the expectation needed in the relationship

  • Yes it does work. I can testify that disability is not a hinderance to the union two hearts that as one. A partner has to understand the needs that accompany one's disability then all will blend.

  • Yes it is and NO it does not!!!! it all depends with each partner expectation (especially the one without a disability), and how well the person without a disability understands disability and it's challenges, why do i say this?? i have witnessed a number of started relationship break at the blink of an eye, when the parties are almost starting planning of a wedding, when relatives from one side cuts short the relations simply because their daughter or son is planning to marry a person with a disability.

    In additional, once a partner gets to learn the challenges that comes with disability and he/she can't cope with it, they end up giving up on the started relationship. having said that, it does not mean there aren't couples who are married ( where one partner has a disability) and they are living a happy life, ( but not without challenges).

  • They work but it takes time to convince a person with a disability that a person without a disability is in it to stay. For most people with disabilities, they have unknown fears about the future of the relationship and after afew trials and fails, they give up on relationships all together. Most of the PWDs I know are single. If they marry or get married it's mostly after a very long time.

  • People with disabilities face attitudinal barriers including prejudice, stereotypes, and low expectations. Many young people without disabilities may doubt that people with disabilities can be fulfilling partners in any loving adult relationship.

  • Yes @Faith_EnableMe they work. However there is a steep climb to them working. It takes time before a partner is comfortable. Attitudinal barriers are evidently in existence. There's alot of confidence building, emotional intelligence and mental fortitude required from the partner with disability.

  • Which relationship did you meand! Many have assumed is love matters. I surposed we could even think of business relatiionship, work relationships etc. will I be wrong to ask?

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