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Media recommendations: Education, Disability and Chronic Diseases

Dear all,

here at EnableMe we are focusing on education in August 2021. Often, it is difficult to grasp what challenges and struggles other people are going through when their experience does not exactly match our own. As a way to get to know each other's perspectives, we are sharing a few recommendations of movies and books regarding the topic of education for people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Please add your own media recommendations (also podcasts, TED talks, blogs, etc. are welcome), we would love to see them!

  1. "Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution" - A 2020 documentary about a summer camp in New York where the students go on to demonstrate for their rights, including in education.
  2. "A Time To Dance" by Padma Venkatraman - A 2014 book about an Indian dancer whose leg is amputated after an accident, and about her journey in learning how to dance again and follow her passions in a new way.
  3. "On The Way To School" - A 2013 documentary that follows four different children on their ways to school, including a boy in a wheelchair whose brothers push him on his way to school of two and a half miles each day.
  4. "There's a boy in here" by J. and S. Barron - A 1992 book about a boy with autism and his parents, written about both perspectives and the respective experiences.
  5. "Count us in: Growing up with Down syndrome" by J. Kingsley and M. Levitz - A 1994 book about the various aspects of life, including education, and how they are affected and shaped by living with a disability.


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