Experiences with inclusive tourism in Kenya

Hello everyone,

similar to my other question, I was wondering how you have experienced touristic travel in Kenya - what works well/what does not work so well if I want to travel with someone who relies on a wheelchair? Would love to hear about everyone's experiences!

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    @Emma_EnableMe First of all Kenya is a great destination for tourist travels especially in our game reserves and other tourist attraction areas, that been said. I would like to point out that we still have some accessibility challenges in some of our hotels and areas that you might be visiting. There have been some notable efforts by establishment to integrate accessibility in some resource areas.

    Most of the hotels have lifts for those who cannot use the stairs and they have enough spaces in the rooms for wheelchair maneuvering. Some establishments have accessible washrooms and rams to cater to persons with disabilities. In most tourist attraction areas are open spaces like game parks and accessing them is relatively easy.


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