Access to Tax free Motor vihecle importation for persons with disabilities

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What are your thoughts on the importation procedures? Is fair for a person with a permanent disability to present him/herself for verification of disability even after importing before?

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    Thanks, Wycliffe. I would say that it depends on their reason for wanting to verify even after one imported before, but i do agree the protocol could be better.

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    The verification process does depend on the situation, for some, it has to undergo more scrutiny and follow- up. although the process must also be logical considering the needs of the person with a disability and reasonable accommodation must be provided during all stages.


  • not really ,let there be some proper arrangements from both parties to see the whole process is achieved with adjustable needs met

  • The fact that you don't import car for business purposes or on a monthly basis, no harm in appearing for a test drive or verification if needed, again for me checks and balances are very important to avoid misuse of the process.

    Kenya Disabled Persons Car Import Tax Exemption Requirements

    • Application letter addressed to the commissioner of customs services
    • Original medical certificate from a registered doctor
    • Original letter of recommendation from the Association for the physically Disabled Of Kenya or The National Council Of Persons With Disabilities
    • Copy of driving license with class ?H? endorsement
    • Bill of lading for the vehicle
    • Invoice/proforma invoice for the vehicle
    • Tax compliance certificate/Tax exemption certificate
    • Cash remittance transfer slips used to pay for the vehicle (i.e. proof that payment for the vehicle was made by the applicant)
    • Bank statement for the last six months
    • Test drive in using the modified vehicle (specially designed to suit the nature of the disability) in the presence of a customs officer
    • Where the applicant has previously been granted exemption on a vehicle under this category, subsequent exemption shall not apply unless such person has used the motor vehicle so imported on exemption for a period of 4 years and tax has been paid for the vehicle upon which exemption had been previously granted

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