Why is job opportunity still lagging for people with disabilities?

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The unemployment rate for persons with 8disasbility is more than double for those without. Professional qualification not withstanding. Apparently the situation exists world over though it seem severe here in Kenya as despite the immense advocacy work for employment of persons with disability, backing by various legal documents including the Kenyan constitution 2010 and frequent job openings; little efforts are made to ensure that job seekers with disabilities are absorbed in the employment spaces. What more should be done to bridge this gap?


The above clip highlights the challenges


  • Thank you Collins. That is why platforms like this exist. So that we can keep advocating for inclusion. When we advocate together, more can be achieved. More needs to be done to ensure that people with disabilities are included in corporate and economic spaces.

  • it has to begin with attitude change from potential employers. they can ask themselves questions as "are we ready to include persons with disabilities in our workforce?" answering such a questions will lead to other efforts from the employers to give persons with disabilities equal opportunities as anyone else without a disability

  • I agree that much need to be done in sensitizing and educating both public and private sector the benefits and importance of inclusion, and not only in issues to do with employment, but also in the education sector, because the question that might arise is how well prepared the learning institution are, to accommodate learners with disabilities? such that enrollment is enhanced as well as retention, where finally we will have many and equally qualified persons with disabilities exiting and are ready for the job market.

  • Employment for persons with disabilities has been a challenge and more so during this COVID-19 pandemic period. There are some ways employment for persons with disabilities could be improved.

    • By engaging employers and training them on the rights of persons with disabilities including rights to equal work opportunities
    • By ensuring that laws and policies regarding employment for persons with disabilities are implemented including the 5% quota.
    • By bridging the gap in laws and policies regarding the employment of persons with disabilities moving toward Inclusive and progressive policies
    • By making disability business case to employers on why they should employ persons with disabilities including the available incentives
    • By gathering and using employment disability data as a means for advocating for disability employment

    For Barrier-free and Inclusive Society

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