Employment in Public sector in Kenya

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Do you think the public sector has done enough to include 5% of persons with disability in employment.

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    Most government offices have tried doing what they can to ensure the 5% is implementable but there is still work to be done as the messures taken still haven't addressed the presentation of opportunities to persons with disabilities..

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    at least we are seeing some changes when it comes to inclusive employment and persons with disability are quite considered even in the competitive job markets. However, a lot needs to be done from the employees side


  • The public sector is moving towards the right direction but there is still need for dissemination of information on special needs and environmental adaptations .

  • Some progress has been made towards this end. But not enough due to some challenges including:

    1. Lack of clarity in the Law around 5% Job Quota i.e Law talks about progressive implementation...progressive measured how?
    2. No clear guidelines/Framework on how to achieve this
    3. Lack of awareness to employers around incentives available
    4. Lack of Inclusive approach in job advertisement and interviews
    5. Lack of capacity development for persons with disabilities.This stems out of lack of accessible education which locks persons with disabilities out

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