Inclusive Education

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importance of inclusive education


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    Importance of Inclusive education

  • Inclusive education of importance as one it enhance equality and equity as each and everyone is given same playing ground with relevant support depending with ones' needs, again it addresses the issue of discrimination from either persons regardless of their different limitations because persons can learn from others, also there is enhanced social cohesion, when one interacts with persons from different backgrounds.

  • Some of the benefits of inclusion for persons with (or without) disabilities are friendship skills, peer models, problem solving skills, positive self-image, and respect for others. Other benefits include fostering equality for persons living with disabilities if they can be empowered the same.

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  • I can summarize the importance of inclusive education is in the life - enriching skills, experiences and opportunities that it offers. It exposes a child to the general overview of thinking, doing and being. We desire a world where no one is left behind and a key contributor is education and most importantly- Inclusive education.

  • Wow! All those benefits, I wish we realise this dream

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