Accessible Transport for Person with Disabilities

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What challenges do Person with disabilities experiences when accessing transport in different parts of the country.

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    I happen to face a number of challenges including trying to figure out where designated stages for boarding and alighting are. Another thing is I find the seats uncomfortable because of limited space for someone who has a physical disability as I do. The worst of all is the harshness and rudeness of the service providers who talk to you and makes you feel embarrassed

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    Long distance walks in an attempt to link bus terminus. this has greatly affected those with physical disabilities.

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    long distance walks between terminuses, inaccessibility where sometimes you have to fight for spaces during rush hours, lack of reasonable accormodation such as reasonable space for person with physical disabilities.

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    Stigma and discrimination - some public service vehicles refuse to carry passengers with disabilities because they assume the extra work, time, costs involved. there have been stories of how people with disabilities are left on the bus-stop. some drivers and conductors still hold their cultural beliefs and understanding of disabilities which makes it difficult to interact with customers with disabilities.

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  • In most instances unless a person with disabilities, especially persons using a wheelchair, woke up very early inorder to catch up with the public vehicles, he/she normally gets late or else postpone the trip due to fact that it very hard to board the vehicle during the rush hours, where consequently you also waste time either by waking up very early or waiting to get a vehicle to board with available space for your wheelchair, another challenge, is paying double charge, for you and your wheelchair.

    Another thing is that, there countable if none accessible public vehicles boarding spaces, and thus getting to where one has to be able to board the vehicle, you either be carried by well wisher if you don't have a care giver or else you are forced to use private means which again translates to spending more.

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