Do you know the process of getting tax exemption in your country?

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In this quick survey, I want to see if information about tax exemption is available to a majority if not all members of the community. more details to follow after the survey! thank you for participating

Do you know the process of getting tax exemption in your country? 3 votes

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  • I do know the process but not the entire process.

  • YES

    @steverarvey to what extent do you know, someone will be glad to know at least where to start

  • They first need to be registered as a person with disability at the National Council. Then complete the online forms that are available on the NCPWD website and attached the necessary documents including the letter from the employer and take it to NCPWD for application be processed and they will revert once approved.

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    @Iram EnableMe This is helpful.

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    @Iram EnableMe @Kingndeda Very good conversation. I had noted that there were some issues submitting the forms online through the NCPWDs Platform. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Thank you for your post! I have moved it to be in the 'Law, Finance & Social' category, as it fits in the finance aspect of this forum best.

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    @Emma_EnableMe Thank you for the support

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