Legacy week?

Yesterday we lost two great souls and sons of this country, Dr Chris kirubi the astute businessman and Mr Washington Jakoyo midiwo the outspoken politician. How people described Dr kirubi got me thinking a lot, what legacy will i leave behind when it's my time? So i want to pose another challenge this week.. Share the kind of legacy you would like to leave behind in the disability world. Please share widely and RIP Dr Kirubi and Jakoyo otada


  • @steverarvey I'm thinking of becoming an author.. I feel I need to capture something on lives of caregivers.... a good story lies there

  • That's a wonderful choice @kingndeda because books have always been with us since the B.C era. I would also like to contribute to tech and access to information for persons with disabilities. I feel most people are out there with lack of valuable information that will help make their lives better.

  • Dear @steverarvey,

    Thank you for this great discussion! I have moved it to the 'Inclusion & Current Affairs' category, as it fits best in the political discussion part of our forum.

    Best wishes, Emma

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