challenges faced by caregivers of persons with disabilities

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Having to care for a person with disability comes up with other multiple challenges daily. we may find ourselves overwhelmed and have mixed feelings . can we mention some of the challenges faced by caregivers of persons with disabilities daily?


  • @Kingndeda Some of the challenges will definitely revolve around livelihood and accessibility of services.

    Most of the caregivers do lack economic opportunities that could enable them to safely provide for the person with a disability. This revolves around a lack of resources to afford basics like shelter, food, and clothing, needed medical supplies, and other necessities.

    Accessibility to services is another challenge to the caregiver. Inaccessibility of Health care systems, Education systems, Transport systems, and social protection systems poses great difficulty to the caregiver as they try to navigate all this and take care of the person with a disability.

    For Barrier-free and Inclusive Society

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  • Thank you for the question.

    The biggest challenge for caregivers who be the lack of support from family, friends, The community and government. This causes them to feel alone, isolated, ignored and hopeless. support can be in many different ways, it could be social, financial, mental and physical.

    support is a vast topic, although, it simply means that you are not alone in this journey and there is lots of help for you - as a caregiver and for your child.

  • @CerebralPalsiedMARIA That is a very insightful response. I feel that the society has put a lot of barrier for caregivers and this in turns makes them feel incapable even though they strive to ensure the best to their significant others. they really need a lot of support and more especially mental health awareness on how to cope

  • @UDPK wonderful response. Care givers play very important roles hence their needs should be equally addressed

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