The plight of Persons with Albinism in Zambia

edited 17. Jul 2021 in Inclusion & Current Affairs

I t is quite unfortunate that despite all efforts to sensitize populations on albinism, there still exists people with negative mindsets on albinism. Check the story below.


  • Dear @COLLINS,

    Thank you for this important post. I have moved it to the 'Inclusion & Current Affairs' category, as this seems to be a political discussion of social inclusion. I hope more people will find your post now and engage in the discussion!

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  • It is a wake up call for us to relate - the writer keeps asking - How do you feel and later - What will you do?

    the plight is real and so is the challenge-

  • It is quite disturbing to read about such challenging issues for persons with Albinism in Zambia. Largely this is just a preview of challenges faced by persons with albinism in most parts of the world, especially in the African setup. We are all called to ACTION to make any effort however small to ensure INCLUSIVE SOCIETY is made a reality.

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