How does climate change affect the lives of people with disabilities?

Climate change is a significant occurrence in our world today. How does climate change affect the lives of people with disability? And how can we resolve the aftermath fitting into the larger climate change movement?


  • For persons with disabilities, who already face social and economic barriers in accessing water for consumption and sanitation, Climate change exacerbates existing pressure on water resources and increases water stress for this group of people. The primary drivers of water shortages and droughts – reduced rainfall and snowpack, higher temperatures and rising sea levels – will be increased by climate change. Those drivers can harm freshwater ecosystems and lead to the degradation of water supplies including for human consumption and agriculture.

    we can sensitize the communities to actively engage with persons with disabilities to have them included in accessing water and sanitation

  • The most hit and affected category of the society due to climate change are persons with disabilities, where food insecurity, ethnicity conflict or clashes due to resources, lack of clean, safe and adequate water for domestic use, lack of all these basically have negative effects on persons with disabilities, such that they can't appreciate living.

    So it is good for any initiative working toward addressing impact of climate change, include persons with disabilities in their planning such that their intervention can be of greater good for all.

  • I agree with Bernard, most of the international organization in the climate change frontline have in a way sidelined persons with disabilities in the fight. It is also time for persons with disabilities to take charge and join the fight. I believe there is a lot that they can bring to the table because he who feels it knows it they say.

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    Thank you for your post! I have moved it to the 'Inclusion & Current Affairs' section, as climate change is a current issue and I believe that more people will find your post and engage with it here.

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  • Thank you for your comment, indeed, climate change does negatively affect the WASH services for people with impairments. the lack of WASH contributes to worse conditions of living. we can also sensitize on people with different impairments to engage in protecting the eco systems. how can people with different impairments engage in climate change initiatives? Are they inclusive?

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