Disability and intimate relationships?

What are the myths you have heard about disability and initimate relationships?


  • None. Are there?

  • @Petrik54 I have met a lady in Ethiopia. She was using a wheelchair. When she got pregnant she went to the hospital, where she was confronted with negative attitude of the obstetrician and nurses. 'People like you should not become pregnant'. She didn't go back until the time she had to deliver. I have heard many similar stories, also in Kenya. It may be a different in the Netherlands, but I am afraid we are not free of prejudice, either, also not on this topic of intimate relationships.

    I hope that people can share their stories (from everywhere around the world) and start supporting each other on this topic in the community. Thanks for starting the conversation @Iram EnableMe and Petrik.

  • well, there are lots of myths i have heard but the most interesting was when i used to stay in Kisumu i met a lady who was a sexual worker and she told me that when you sleep with a person with disability, if you had hiv/aids or STI's you shall be cured. Futhermore, she was very specific with the type of disability, albinism. lol

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