Accessible Buildings


How many commercial buildings in Nairobi do you know that are actually accessible?


  • Very few accessible buildings available in Nairobi and even if they are there, alot need to be done because yes you find that the main entrance is accessible by way of provinding a ramp, but when you get to the reception, or even washrooms, there lies the challenge.

    On matters to do with accessibility in buidling, there is a long journey to cover before we can say yes, we are heading somewhere.

  • What about the Tourism Fund Building...I can say they are upto the standard to some extent. Accessible ramps ,doors,lifts ....

  • I agree with @BERNARD on this one.

    There have been some efforts made by duty-bearers to meet some levels of accessibility to public buildings, but inaccessibility remains a big challenge.

    Even in places where they have ramps and Lifts the question of accessibility still remains.

    Do these RAMPS meet accessibility Standards

    • Do they have guard rails for support
    • What is the Gradient of the Ramp (Is it too steep?)
    • How long is the ramp

    Do the lift meet accessibility standards

    • Do they have tactile controls for the blind,
    • Do they have sound automation
    • Do they have a mirror or rails for support
    • Lift doors wide enough for wheelchairs
    • Do they offer enough time for opening and closing
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